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They Fight Crime!

Welcome to the official homepage of They Fight Crime!, a pulp adventure roleplaying serial, run under the White Wolf Adventure! rules. This age is unlikely to be of particular interest to anyone not involved in the game, but you never know. As the game progresses, summaries of the episodes may well appear here, alongside my ST's notes for the game.

About They Fight Crime!

Firstly, the title They Fight Crime! (the exclamation mark is part of the title) comes from the website They Fight Crime. Go take a look. I'll wait here for you to get back. While not that random, a basic premise of TFC! is that each Adventurer should be identifiable by a short sentence, in the They Fight Crime format.

TFC! is a roleplaying game, set in the 1920s, and written in a series of self-contained episodes, each intended to run over a four-week period. Each episode then breaks down into four weekly acts, each consisting of two-to-three hours of gameplay.

Meet the Adventurers

    The histories and motivations of our band of stalwart heroes, and a description of their secret mountain lair.

Episode Guide

    Read about the fantastic adventures of this daring trio.

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