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    This part of the site currently contains a few of my own attempts at literature. These are mostly short stories, and all were written by me. I may in future add stuff by other people if they'd like me to.

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    Feedback is welcomed. Please email The Prophet.

    I have made it onto the radio via BBC 7's Chain Gang competition. Episode 2 is mine.

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Stargate SG-1 Fan Fiction

    A sub-catalogue for my growing collection of fanfics.

School Stories

    Stories that I have written to use at school.


    A sub-catalogue for my poems.

Josua Brown and the Wrath of God

    An ordinary Englishman does his best to cope with an extraordinary happening, as he become the first date on God's comeback tour.

    This short story owes a great debt to Neil Gaiman's short, Chivalry. The plot is different, and I'm nowhere near as good a writer, but the idea of an Englishman enduring Biblical suffering with very British reserve was inspired by a reading of the Book of Job and the unflappable calm of Mrs Whitlow. If you like this even a little - and even if you don't - I highly recommend finding a copy of Gaiman's story.

Lost Youth: If found...

    The past comes back to haunt Marian Fairbrass, in the form of a long-lost suitor.

    I don't know where this one comes from precisely. In its rough draft it contained a lot more detail of Edward's adventures, but I realised that this really shouldn't be the point. I didn't know until about halfway through whether Marian was going to say yes or no either, all of which suggests I didn't really know what the point of the story was until I'd written most of it.


    A man spends his life in pursuit of a memory.

    This is a short story, pretty much unchanged from its draft, that I wrote after waking up in the middle of a thunderstorm.


    Why does a species become extinct? Can we be sure it did?

    A story inspired by an episode of the TV series, Extinct, about the fate of the sabre-toothed tiger. It's a little odd, perhaps even by my standards.

Urban Folklore

    What is the secret of Lunatec Ltd?

    A random musing on the current employment of the breed of elves who used to help cobblers finish particularly important shoes.

Other People

    A group of contentious philosophers struggle with the concept of perpetual torment.


    A childhood game and a silly story have sinister consequences for young Etholle Valentine.