Decree Absolute of Realities

    I, The Prophet, hereby formally declare that due to irreconcilable differences which have arisen between the events of past fan fictions and later storylines in the canon of Stargate SG-1, I am divorcing the reality of my Stargate universe from that of the show.

    While I shall always endeavour to ensure that my fanfic accords as closely as possible with show canon, the inevitable process of Jossing has now reached the point that I can not in any way pretend that the two are the same. Most notably, if Rya'c plans to marry a member of the Hak'tyl resistance in Sacrifices, where does that leave Meyn'auc? Of course, it's quite possible that Rya'c is simply as big a tart as his father, but that's another reason I've decided to move away from strict canon. Moreover, I just can't square to my own satisfaction the fact that the SGC have no working, captured spaceships, nor that Anubis took out world communications centres and battle carrier groups without anyone batting an eyelid.

    There is also the simple fact that my Stargate universe has become increasingly 'out there' over the past few fics. SG-7 in particular is a whole different beast, but between a recent proliferation of psychic phenomena and future plans for fics dealing with semi-Ascended enlightenment, Earth's guardian angels and werewolves, it's a little harder than it was to say that this is Stargate, business as usual.

The Prophet - 4/9/04

    Addendum: Also, I have not seen Season 8 and do not plan to go out of my way to see Season 9.