Goa'uld Dictionary

Translations from the Goa'uld to the Tau'ri

Cribbed from various sources with additional notes by The Prophet. SGM means that the source of the term is the Stargate Movie. Titles in italics are those of my own fan fictions. This list includes both the Goa'uld and Jaffa dialects.

Goa'uld Tau'ri Source
Ai'emain Stand up/Rise SGM
Akek ya Daru Take them.  
Al'kesh Mid-range bomber/cruiser Exodus
An'kesh Goa'uld heavy bomber/heavy cruiser The Ties that Blind
Aray kree Stay where you are There but for the Grace of God
Arik tree-ac te kek We do not surrender, even in death. Redemption
A'roush [a roosh] Village Children of the Gods
Ash'rak Hunter; describes an élite assassin to the System Lords In the Line of Duty
Ashrak kalshek'tak Hunter of Soul-Eaters, 'Vampire Slayer' White as Snow
Ba'chal [ba-shaal] TA; a chal'ak who assists in the teaching of chal'ti. Akrotiri
Ba'ja'kakma'te I greet you too Secrets
Ba'kir Guide; a more senior Jaffa assigned to induct a junior into the rules of the bash'ak. Akrotiri
Bash'ak The training ritual of Jaffa Family
Bas'harak 'Golly'; expression of surprise and anger. Who's on First
Barque Goa'uld heavy transport The Ties that Blind
Bon'iqua? [boneequa] Why? SGM
Bi'bo Do you want? / Take! SGM
Bonniewae Very good; tasty SGM
Bradio Come on! /Hurry!/ Now go! SGM
Bulüg-en Novice priestess (Babylonian dialect) First Prime
Cah'lok Soul, Jaffa dialect variant of kalash Maternal Instinct
Cal mah Sanctuary Serpent's Song
Chal'ak Senior apprentice First Love
Chal'ti Apprentice warrior Serpent's Lair
Cham'ka Tree, indigenous to Chulak First Steps
Cha'pal jeet

Lit. 'Piercing the eye with the eye'; the needle-thread glider

Chappa'ai Stargate The Tok'ra
Chel'nak Very cool. The Tok'ra
Chel'nok Good luck. Redemption
Chel'sath Very slick. Who's on First
Cla'mel korak Benediction to the dying. Loosely: Yours is a good death Maternal Instinct
Cor'eb al Holy woman; a Jaffa priestess with uncanny powers stemming from a state of enlightenment. First Prime
Cor'eb ek Holy man; a Jaffa priest with uncanny powers stemming from a state of enlightenment.  
Cron Raven or crow. First Steps
Cron'bah Battle-crow. Camp follower; a woman who attaches herself to a warrior, exchanging sex for protection and support. Meriope
Cron'la-has Raven's bitch. First Steps
Cron'la-shak Raven's whelp. First Steps
Da ipsta a kratoros By understanding, conquer. (motto of the Gorgons)  
Dal jaffa mel I die true. The Black God
Dal shakka mel I die free. The Nox
Da'natra Divine Storm; suicide strikes. Vows
Deh shakka mel You die(d) free.  
Delmak Control crystal Deadman Switch
Del shakka mel They die(d) free  
Di'bro, das weiafei, doo'wa! People, welcome them, the gods have come! SGM
Di'dak'dida You dare?! SGM
Dis'tra Master. The Nox
En Priest(ess) (Babylonian dialect) First Prime
Fi nu [finoo] Finish. SGM
Gal a'quel Give me that!/Hand it over! Homecoming
Gan'tar Fighting Human; a human bred and trained for gladiatorial ritual combat. Who's on First
Gleb'dra Water clock. First Steps
Go'mik Holy crap Who's on First
Go'nak Term of disgust; loosely "bugger this for a lark". Fair Game
Ha'he Field technician; a Jaffa trained in the basic repair of Goa'uld technology. Meriope
Ha'kal Advanced Goa'uld warship designed for the cloaked insertion of agents and commandos. Home, Sweet Home
Hakorr kra terak shree Banished to oblivion The Curse
Hak'tar An advanced evolution of the human form; corruption of hok'taur - 'advanced human'. Rite of Passage
Hak'tyl Liberation Birthright
Hara'kash The Ashrak's signature weapon. In the Line of Duty
Ha'shak Fool. Bloodlines
Ha'taaka An insult; exact translation unknown. Family
Ha'tak Goa'uld warship designed for orbital bombardment and troop transportation. Serpent's Lair
Harcesis 'Son of Isis'; the child of two Goa'uld hosts Maternal Instincts
Has Bitch. A female dog; colloquially, a prostitute or loose woman. First Steps
Has'va Male concubine or prostitute. The Ties that Blind
Hey/He'i Technician/technicians Acastus
Hi'ato [Heeato] Walk on. SGM
I'jaji'biai May I have that? SGM
Intar Training weapon which stuns instead of killing Rules of Engagement
In'trom popra cursor're To enter by infiltration (ancient dialect, similar to Latin) Legacy
I ra be'bju? Is this for me? SGM
Jaffa The faithful ones - servants of the Gods who carry their defenceless larvae. The Black God
Jankin Search or tell at once The Nox
Joma secu Challenge of Leadership; a trial by combat. The Warrior
Ju'iu [joo joo] See! SGM
Kalach shal tek Victory or death The Warrior
Kalash One's soul. Need
Kalek shal kek Victory or death.  
Kal'hek 'Soul-cutter'; a mimetic stiletto used by elite assassins and ashrak kalshek'tak. White as Snow
Kal'ma Child Crossroads
Kalshek'tak Taker/Eater of souls, Vampire. Bad Sector
Kah'ne Friend  
Kegalo! Silence! SGM
Ke'i! [key] Kneel! SGM
Keir'os Surgeon. A Jaffa medic trained in the treating of physical injury. Akrotiri
Kek Death or weakness; they are the same to Jaffa Orpheus
Kel'sha It will be so. Within the Serpent's Grasp
Kel mar tokeem "Revenge by the wearer of horns"; a cuckold's vengeance Family
Kelnoreem Deep meditative state where a Jaffa can communicate with his/her Goa'uld larvae. Holiday
Kel'rak Final vengeance - the deliberate overloading of a reactor as an attack instead of merely scuttling a vessel. The Hidden One
Kel'shak Advise us Bloodlines
Ke'nep Lit. Merry-making; illicit or extra-marital sexual activity. Akrotiri
Ket mattet Challenge to a duel.  
Ki'banja'swei! [keebunjaswai] We must hide! SGM
Kin'drah Lieutenant/second-in-command Birthright
Kir'a Teacher; a senior priest who trains a tok'ai First Cries
Khab 'Chariot'; a light transport incapable of hyperspace The Ghosts that Haunt
Klah'c A hot, bitter drink of unsweetened coffee, vanilla and cocoa solids. First Love
Korush-nai Turn back; warning placed on contaminated worlds There but for the Grace of God
Kree Stop, attention, go there, follow; achtung. Many
Kree'ta Stop that; go away from there Serpent's Lair
Kree'sha Goodbye (informal). First Steps
Kresh'ta Outcastes. Bloodlines
Lek tol Goodbye Within the Serpent's Grasp
Lok'nel Ancient form of Jaffa marital arts Affinity
Lo'taur Favoured human; a Goa'uld's personal slave. Summit
Ma'djet Flight engineer. Contraction of ma'shen udajeet. Aeolchis
Mai'tac Damn  
Ma'l sharran The last rite. Threshold
Mashaak/Mashak Training staff The Warrior
Ma'shan Goa'uld carrier, used to transport a small number of Gliders through hyperspace. Stone and Ash
Ma'shen Armourer; Jaffa or Goa'uld responsible for the weapons and armoury of a force. Akrotiri
Mastaba Goa'uld martial art. The Warrior
Mid'cha [midsha] Pay attention SGM
Mik'ta Arse. Deadman Switch
Mik'ta-ha Arsehole.  
Mik'ta-na My arse (as in Kalshek'tak mik'ta-na - 'Vampire, my arse') The Black God
Mi'la tu'tu? [meela tootoo] Is everything alright? SGM
Na'binim! What's that? SGM
Nadjet Lightly-defended strike vessel, often used in Da'natra Stone and Ash
Nafi! [nufee] Right. SGM
Nanb'tu'qua How are you?  
Na'noweia si'taia You are here to destroy me! SGM
Ne'nai No, don't! Within the Serpent's Grasp
Ne'pher Housekeeper First Love
Ner Forgotten. You Call this Archaeology
Niush nio [niush nioo] Everyone, look! SGM
Noc No Within the Serpent's Grasp
Noc'ri'ton Help me out of here Serpent's Lair
Nowe Here; take this SGM
Obi-tan Freeze! Bloodlines
Orak Unspeakable New Order
Pa'kree What is going on? The Nox
Pal'ok root Herb which slows the development of a prim'ta. First Prime
Pal'os 'One who penetrates'/piercer. A hacker. Aeolchis
Pa'neri Herb which temporarily suspends a Goa'uld's biological functions. First Prime
Paternyt Witness; a Goa'uld who acts as the eyes and ears of a System Lord. First Prime
Peltac Bridge (of a starship). Within the Serpent's Grasp
Per'os Paediatrician. Jaffa medic specialising in illness which strike before the age of prata.  
(Age of) Prata Puberty; the age at which a Jaffa undergoes the prim'ta and achieves majority. Birthright
Prim'ta Goa'uld symbiote carried by each Jaffa. Also the name of the ceremony of implantation. Bloodlines
Ral tora ke Good luck.  
Re'mata A Chulakan Morganatic marriage in which the woman can be set aside without ceremony or appeal. First Prime
Remoc Sudden deceleration (as when leaving hyperspace) Within the Serpent's Grasp
Ren A person's secret name, which has power over them. First Blood
Re'sapai? Is this yours? SGM
Rhe'u Stay back! SGM
Rin'tel'noc Go away from me. Hathor
Ris'vi he'u [reeswee he-u] Close the doors. SGM
Satta-cakes A kind of food; dessert/treat. Family
Se'biu? [sebjoo] Come with us? SGM
Sehetep Granter of prayers; epithet added to the names of Gods at the shrines where they can be prayed to. First Blood
Shak [shock] Whelp/puppy; colloquially, a disobedient or wayward child. First Steps
Shakka Free; the Free Jaffa. The Black God
Shak'ti'qua What do you think you are doing? Serpent's Lair
Shalok-Gul Killer of Gods; a phrase that it is forbidden ever to speak. First Cries
Sha'lokma'kor Attack, kill. Serpent's Lair
Shel'kree Silence Birthright
Shen'kal 'Machine Soul'; a Scourge Mind. Black as Ebony
Shes'ta Goa'uld currency. Family
Shesh'ti Goa'uld currency; there are sixty shesh'ti to a shesh'ta The Ghosts that Haunt
Shibio diu! [shibio dioo] Strangers! SGM
Shim'roa Honeymoon. Sacrifices
Shol'va Traitor. Family
Shor'wai'e! Yas! Yas! Hurry up! Now! Now! SGM
Sim'ka Fiancée Sacrifices
Sim'ke FiancÚ  
Si'nu [seenoo] Wait!  
Swaic Understood? Bloodlines
Tak'uni'taga'mini'turon Goa'uld remote sentry weapon. Deadman Switch
Tala Affectionate greeting to a woman, usually a relative. C.f. Teka.  
Tal'chak (Tal shak) Come on/do it. Serpent's Lair
Tal lak Barren Message in a Bottle
Tal'mac I am.../My name is... Secrets
Tal mal'tiak mal we'ia I am honoured. Secrets
Tal ma'te Mistress/Teacher; fem. of Tek ma'te. Occasionally a greeting of respect. First Love
Tal pat'ryn Falling star A Hundred Days
Tal re'ma Mistress; The female (inferior) partner in Re'mata First Prime
Tao've'nu It is unbelievable. The Nox
Tar/Taur Human/person Rite of Passage
Tau'ri First People. The world from which humans came/Earth/The people of Earth (also 'The People of the Tau'ri'). The Enemy Within
Teal Strength. Used as a name (Teal'c/Teal'auc). Children of the Gods
Teka Affectionate greeting to a man, usually a relative. C.f. Tala.  
Tek ma'djet Master flight engineer. (Fem. Tal ma'djet) Aeolchis
Tek ma'te Master/Teacher; used of a religious or warrior mentor. Occasionally a greeting of respect between caste equals. Bloodlines
Tek ma'tek Greeting of great respect. The Warrior
Tek ma'shen Master-at-arms; senior armourer. (Fem. Tal ma'shen) Akrotiri
Tek re'ma Master; the male (superior) partner in re'mata. First Prime
Tek udajeet [tek wah-djet] Master of the Udajeet; Minor Goa'uld responsible for the maintenance of the Death Gliders. (Fem. Tal udajeet) Akrotiri
Ti'bia [Tibja] This is yours. SGM
Ti'u [tiu] Yes. SGM
Tok Against. In the Line of Duty
Tok'ai Novice priest First Steps
Tok'ra Against Ra; the Goa'uld resistance. In the Line of Duty
Tuat (also Duat) The underworld. Serpent's Song
Tun'cma'le Great/super.  
Udajeet Eye of the Sun; Death Glider SGM
Unas The first one(s). Thor's Hammer
Vi'toi [witoi] Give me that/Can I have it? SGM
Vo'cume Holographic projector. Rules of Engagement
Wadjet [wah-djet] Eye of the Sun; used of any weapon of great power. The Ghosts that Haunt
Ya'isid ma'gue We must leave! SGM
Ya'ol'wa [Shaol'wa] What is the matter? The Nox
Yat'kor/yat'ka Godfather/Godmother - a Jaffa chosen by the parents to attend to a child's religious and spiritual education. Tok'ra
Stop listen! The Nox
Zatarc Victim of Goa'uld brainwashing techniques. Divide and Conquer
Zat'nik'tel Jaffa sidearm; to the Tau'ri 'zat gun'. Within the Serpent's Grasp
Zat'nar'tel Satellite-based weapon like a giant zat'nik'tel, used to awe primitive peoples (as seen in Demons). The Hidden One